Hi everyone! Checking in from the midst of project mayhem!

Toronto finally got the memo on spring, and with it, quite a few changes came along. I spent most of April fawning over my new roommate Haku, who moved in early in the month to help out with routine and health.

Haku's original name is Xiang, which translates to either 翔 soar, glide or 祥 good luck, good omen. And besides the unsubtle Spirited Away nod, Haku can also mean white soul in Japanese. Soaring white soul.

Rest assured, he lives up to his full name every day.

Even on the brink of peril, Haku's meows are very polite.

––I miscalculated, though! Felines have no qualms about nocturnal routines! So my schedule remains hopelessly shifted. But at least when steaming ideas in the wee hours of night these days, Haku's right there with me, paying off his rent in dopamine and cuddles. And on the nights I push it one notch too far, he has no qualms about head-butting me straight into the bed.

All in all, I think we've been off to a great start.

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