I'm Tale, a feature storyboard artist from Toronto and Prague.

This little nook you landed on is my study blog.

🌐 What will you find here?

  • Progress on personal storyboards and other projects (some posts will require a sign-up)
  • Gestures, observation and film studies
  • Book reviews (nothing like hoarding artbooks in the name of Sharing Knowledge)
  • Random strings of thought spaghettis that, fingers crossed, will someday turn into delicious idea bolognese if I keep throwing them up on the wall.

🤔 A blog in 2022...?

I know, I know... I'm a dinosaur!

But there never seems to be a shortage of things to learn about for storyboard artists these days. It's been exciting – and also a total challenge in FOMO management. Maintaining this blog serves as a reminder of what I found works best: showing up consistently and only focusing on the problem that's right in front of me.

Hope it feels like you're hanging out around my studio here!

✍️ What I'm Doing Now

During the day, I'm jamming as a story artist on the Steps musical-comedy feature at Netflix Animation. It's been a blast and I'm excited for the shenanigans we've been cooking up together to be out soon!

As for personal projects, check out this Project Snippets series for updates!

🔒 Why do some posts require a free sign-up?

Mainly for privacy! If I ever post early art, it's nice to have the option of limiting its reach. You're welcome to sign up for access here! It's free, and a log-in link will arrive to your inbox immediately.

I don't have any concrete plans for newsletters at this point. Any significant post alerts will most likely be done through my social networks.

✨ Thank you for reading this far!

If you're missing any other information, shoot me a message through this form!

Hope you enjoy your stay here and all the best with whatever you're tackling today.

Ever curious,